Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bug # 100

I always like to highlight the big milestones for OneBusAway. That includes bugs.

I just entered Bug # 100 in the tracker. It deals with tracking errors for the 26E headed downtown from Wallingford. Not sure what's going on there... but I have plans to fix it. I also have plans to fix the other 27 open bugs currently floating around in the tracker. But just like your bus, fixes may come a little bit later than any of us would like.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perils of Operating a Service People Use

I was waiting at a bus stop a few weeks ago and I was describing OneBusAway to some fellow UW students waiting at the stop with me. "That's awesome!" the exclaimed, and they immediately tried calling up the phone number to see the service in action.

Of course, the phone service wasn't working.

As luck would have it, the phone service was down for some reason. Restarting Asterisk fixed the problem, but the damage was already done. It was pretty embarrassing because (a) things were broken and (b) I had no idea.

In fact, there have been a number of times when a polite email or even a tweet was my first indication that all was not well in OneBusAway land. While I definitely encourage anyone to let me know if they are having issues with OBA, I'm happy to announce I'm taking more proactive measures from now on. I've now got a basic Nagios installation up that monitors the various services that make up OneBusAway and automatically sends out emails and text messages when things go wrong.

And while things are green across the board for now:

Green is Good

Things will invariably go bad. Hopefully I'll be one of the first to know about them now ; )

Monday, January 12, 2009

15k+ Phone Calls

Wow... according to the logs, One Bus Away has answered over 15,000 phone calls since July. Only 225 of those were me ;)

I realize it's probably time for One Bus Away to get an official privacy policy and data retention policy. I need to give this some thought, but if you'd like to comment, add something to:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Phone Service Outage

The phone service was down this afternoon for some amount of time. Restarting asterisk seems to have fixed it though. It's only Jan. 5th and I've already blown my chance at five nines of uptime in 2009.

Adverse Weather Reroutes

You may have now noticed that OneBusAway is now displaying a 'snow' message next to some routes:

A route gets a 'snow' message if it's listed on the table at:

Unfortunately, I'm updating OneBusAway manually at this point, so there may be some lag between Transit's website and mine. I'm working on some automated tools to help that process, but they probably won't be ready any time soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day Schedule Bug

Like the Zune, OneBusAway is having its own scheduling problems to ring in the New Year. If you are using the service today, you'll immediately notice there is no real-time arrival info available for any of the routes. This has to do with a scheduling bug between MyBus on OneBusAway.

Officially, Metro is on Sunday scheduling for the New Year's holiday and OneBusAway accurately reflects that. Unfortunately, MyBus still seems to be on regular weekday scheduling. See for example:

MyBus New Years Day

The 74E shouldn't be running today, but it's still listed by MyBus. Unfortunately, developing a work around on my end is non-trivial and probably won't happen by the end of the day, at which point the problem will no longer be an issue. Fortunately, the next holiday service day is July 3rd (Independence Day observed) so hopefully we can get it worked out by then.