Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day Schedule Bug

Like the Zune, OneBusAway is having its own scheduling problems to ring in the New Year. If you are using the service today, you'll immediately notice there is no real-time arrival info available for any of the routes. This has to do with a scheduling bug between MyBus on OneBusAway.

Officially, Metro is on Sunday scheduling for the New Year's holiday and OneBusAway accurately reflects that. Unfortunately, MyBus still seems to be on regular weekday scheduling. See for example:

MyBus New Years Day

The 74E shouldn't be running today, but it's still listed by MyBus. Unfortunately, developing a work around on my end is non-trivial and probably won't happen by the end of the day, at which point the problem will no longer be an issue. Fortunately, the next holiday service day is July 3rd (Independence Day observed) so hopefully we can get it worked out by then.

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