Friday, February 13, 2009

"The actual time of arrival of buses is different from the calendar, even in a law-abiding American."

Thanks to the UW News article and press release from last week, OneBusAway has gotten some major press and new traffic this week. I've done interviews with Q13 and KOMO TV, KIRO and KOMO news radio, and it looks like I will be on KUOW's The Conversation next Wednesday at noon along with Kari. Exciting stuff.

The article was even translated into Russian! The translation back to English by Google is pretty hilarious as well (see this post's headline for an example). Either way, just call me Брайана Ферриса (I think).

All this press has also meant a crush of new users. We easily beat our busiest traffic day from the Snowpocalypse of 2008:

We Get Traffic

We're also approaching 1,000 phone calls answered a day and I think we'll easily break the 30k total phone calls answered since launch next week.

Mostly I'm just happy OneBusAway hasn't crashed under the increased load. There were and still are some issues with the Feb 7th service revision I'm trying resolve, but the transition seemed to go mostly ok. Just like last September's service revision, I happened to be out of town for the transition, which made thing a little tricky (September was my honeymoon in Iceland... last weekend was DC with friends).

Either way, I welcome all the new users to the site. I hope you find it useful.

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transitmama said...

So excited to get all this press!

I must say that Brian Ferris is one of the most law-abiding Americans I have ever met.

Signed, Кэри Уоткинса