Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why did you ride the bus last weekend?

Normally, there is a pretty regular pattern to OneBusAway usage. Most of our traffic comes from daily commuters, with the bulk of the traffic coming during the weekday and then droping off during the weekend.

People Don't Use OneBusAway on the Weekends

But last weekend was different:

Except When They Do

There was no weekend drop-off. I wonder why?

The bulk of the traffic was direct visits, which usually indicates people who regularly use the site and have their favorite stops bookmarked. So it wasn't a link from a blog that brought lots of new visitors...

My best guess is that Seattle Green Fest was last weekend. Perhaps all you transit-friendly folks were taking the bus downtown to learn more about the latest in green living?

That's my theory. Why did you ride the bus last weekend?


Jason Lunz said...

My wife and I almost went to see Lessig speak at Green Fest. Tickets were half price or something if you could show a bus pass or transfer. Maybe Green Fest generated enough of that kind of incentive to explain it?

joshuadf said...

We did go downtown but the bus didn't seem especially crowded. Are you sure it's not some sort of blip?

JoshKelley said...

Sounders game?

JoshKelley said...

And Women's Show?

Brian Ferris said...

Ooh I like Green Fest + Sounder's Game + Women's Show. Now we'll just have to see what happens this weekend.