Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30 Service Revisions and Broken Real-Time Tracking

King County Metro schedule service revisions went into effect this morning. Read all about the changes here:

OneBusAway has been updated to reflect the service revisions. Unfortunately, real-time tracking is no longer working as result. The issue is that we get our real-time feed from and not directly from King County Metro. KCM has properly updated their tracker feed, as seen by new Saturday bus service in the tunnel:

MyBus has not been updated and is still showing no bus service in the tunnel:

Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy fixes for this problem. I can either keep the updated schedule data and have no real-time data, or rollback to the old, outdated schedule data but have some real-time info. Either way, I'm hoping MyBus is upgraded this weekend so I don't have to make any hard decisions before the Monday morning commute.