Thursday, September 17, 2009

King County Metro September Service Revisions

I just pushed the King County Metro September service revisions to OneBusAway. This should hopefully bring everything up to date for the changeover this weekend and fix a few bugs people have found in the current schedule.

However, I've already noticed some new bugs with the new schedule data. If you find any of your own, please let us know.

I'd also point out that Link Light Rail schedule data was included with the update. Metro calls it the 599, so be on the lookout. You can look at the full route here. Sadly, I don't yet have real-time arrival data for Link (bu I am working on it!), so you'll have to settle for static schedule data for now. I'm curious how the schedule matches up with actual train operation. If you are able to compare, please let me know what you find.

P.S. Note that the iPhone app isn't using the new schedule data yet, but I will push the update to that tomorrow night.


Robert W said...

I ride Link about twice a day and it's usually during mid-day or evening hours. Mid-day I'm not really looking at the schedule but it seems to arrive within the published "every 10 - 15 minutes".

In the evening, I usually check the schedule and it almost always arrives within seconds of the scheduled time. In any event, even the published scheduled info is going to be a big help in One Bus Away. Thanks for providing it!

Yehoshua said...

I notice in the full-route map you link to of Link, Tukwila is misspelled for the stop in both directions (99900 and 99901). FYI.