Saturday, January 9, 2010

Changes to the OneBusAway iPhone App

It's been a busy couple of weeks for OneBusAway. There have been a number of changes, both major and minor, that hopefully improve the usefulness of OneBusAway. In this post I'm going to talk specifically about changes to the OneBusAway iPhone application.

In late December, the OneBusAway iPhone app 1.0.1 update went live in the app store. This was primarily a bug fix release. First and foremost was a work-around for some bugs in Apple's CoreData database libraries that was causing random crashes of the app. The bug was a bear to track down, but based on crash-report data I'm getting from Apple, it seems to have done the trick.

In addition to the bug fixes, there were a few minor UI tweaks. For example, when we don't have arrival prediction data for a bus (listed as "scheduled arrival" in the UI), we also change the color to black to make it more obvious. See Link light-rail in the following figure, for example:


In addition, we made some changes to stop icons that no one probably should have noticed until about 10 minutes ago. See if you can spot the change:


That's right, you're seeing light-rail and heavy-rail icons! What changed?

The big change is that after six-month of hacking, we're now running OneBusAway with multi-agency support! To kick things off, we've added a lot of additional Sound Transit data. That means, for example, that you can see the Sounder schedule using the OneBusAway iPhone app:


More new agencies are hopefully coming soon (Pierce Transit for starters), but we wanted to start small to make sure there were no major bugs. Note that the additional Sound Transit data is only active in the iPhone app (and any other apps that use the OneBusAway API). We're working to get it live on the main website soon.

Though we've done our best to make these changes seamless, there's always the chance for bugs. If you notice anything weird or have any problems, be sure to let us know. In the meantime, thanks for using OneBusAway!

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