Friday, January 22, 2010

We Win Awards

Or at least, we are nominated for awards. It was announced last week that OneBusAway is a finalist in the Washington Technology Industry Associations (WTIA) Industry Achievement Awards. We've been nominated in the category of "Best Use of Technology in the Government, Non-profit, or Educational Sector". We are honored that we've even been included amongst the distinguished set of finalists and we're keeping our fingers crossed for when the winner is announced on March 4th.

Washington Technology Industry Achievement Awards Finalist

In other news, OneBusAway was also included in Seattle Magazine's Best of 2009 list. In a funny contrast to our WTIA categorization of govt-non-profit-and-ed, we were actually included in the Shopping and Style section (look towards the end of the article) as one of the best local iPhone apps. The best part about the award is that we get a cool window decal, just like you see in the window of your favorite local restaurant. Except we don't have a window! I'm thinking of sneaking it onto the doors of the UW CSE building... don't tell anyone.

Seattle Magazine Best of 2009


Karl said...

I doubt anyone would complain if it showed up on the robot lab window... ;)

Or, it could go on one of the shiny servers!

joshuadf said...

Congratualtions! You should also put a monitor in the window next to the sticker like the MyBus one at the HUB.

Who has the first floor of Schmitz? There should totally be a OneBusAway ad right there!