Monday, February 8, 2010

SeattleBusBot is now the Official Android Client of OneBusAway

I'm proud to announce that OneBusAway now has an official Android client. SeattleBusBot, a native Android client for OneBusAway, is becoming the official Android client for OneBusAway. You can find the app by searching for "OneBusAway" in the Android Marketplace.

SeattleBusBot is now OneBusAway

SeattleBusBot was written by local Seattle developer Paul Watts. The app combines a lot of the same features found in the OneBusAway native iPhone app, but has some new bells and whistles too, such as bus arrival alarms and route bookmarking. And just like OneBusAway, the app is open source too.

What do these changes mean? Paul will still be the lead developer on the Android app, but he'll be rebranding it as OneBusAway over the next few weeks. I'll be doing more to publicize the app to OneBusAway users with Android phones. Finally, we're hoping that by combing our resources, we can do an even better job of providing King County riders with great tools that make it easier to use public transit.


Mitchell said...

Any chance that iPhone will get route alarms? Push?

Even just a text alert or email alert would be a fantastic improvement over compulsively checking stops that I take on a regular basis.

A feature like this would be especially useful whenever a bus is say, more than 3 minutes late or is at all early.

Phillip said...

Thanks! I love the app so far. It's much easier than keeping my long list of bookmarks to the web version...

Also, I like the list of enhancements listed for the future. Especially integrating trip planning.

Jonathon D. C. said...

Awesome - it's a great Android app, one of the simplest and best that I use every day. Thrilled to see your collaboration with the developer and hope that means we'll see continued innovation.

Tom Richards said...

Just switched from iPhone to Droid and was afraid that I would lose one busaway. Not so - you guys are great. The Android version is great and onebusaway will continue to be my most used phone app.

Is|a|bel said...

Would like to see an app for blackberry. Anything in the works?