Monday, April 26, 2010

OneBusAway in the News

OneBusAway has been mentioned a couple of times around the web recently:
And as a bonus, here is a cool visualization of OneBusAway usage over the course of the day for the iPhone app. Every time someone requests information for a particular stop, we flash a dot at that location. Watch how things explode for the morning rush-hour:


joshuadf said...

Awesome! I wonder if there's any correlation to route frequency.

Also, why just the iPhone app? Clearly you're losing a lot of SMS hits out of Redmond. :)

The Big Dog said...

Brian, the video is an amazing graphic. It would be interesting to know what the actual counts are over time... though the transportation planners are the ones who should find this the most interesting. Nice job, keep up the good work!

Jeff S.
Lake Union