Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adding Community Transit to OneBusAway

We are often asked when we'll be adding Community Transit (CT) to OneBusAway. The answer is a little complex:

CT doesn't currently have GPS on their buses. They are piloting a project hopefully starting sometime in 2010 or 2011 to start adding tracking capabilities to their fleet. So, it could well be years before the fleet has tracking capabilities. Therefore, there won't be real-time tracking for CT, in OneBusAway or otherwise, in the near future.

It is possible for us to add CT's static schedule data to OneBusAway. You wouldn't know if the bus was late or early, but you would be able to see the scheduled arrivals by stop in the OneBusAway format that you are used to. However, given the current budget constraints, CT has had significant IT cuts and is strapped for time to add new endeavours to their plate.

That said, if you'd like to see static schedule data for CT in OneBusAway, the best bet is to send CT an e-mail to let them know that this is a priority for you at

Are there other agencies you would like to see added to OneBusAway? We can't make any promises yet, but let us know and we'll add them to the list to start looking into.


Evan Siroky said...

I'm guessing CT doesn't provide a 'dump' of their static schedule data yet. Otherwise, someone probably would've translated that into a GTF by now.

As for other transit agencies, I'd like to see IT and Kitsap Transit - at least their static schedule data. Also, the idea of extracting GTFs from GTFS-Exchange to populate OBA with multiple transit agencies could be one way to go about things.

Evan Siroky said...

whoops, didn't clearly read that post. Do you all have a GTF for CT? If so, let me know.

Brian Ferris said...


To be clear, CT doesn't currently have a schedule dump in GTFS format. We've asked for a copy of the schedule dump they send to the regional trip planner, which we'd convert into GTFS, but CT didn't want to go that route for whatever reason.