Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Service Revisions: Specific Issues

A number of agencies have updated their schedules this morning:
I've tried to update OneBusAway to reflect the latest changes, but there are a number of issues you should know about:

King County Metro

1) Currently, trip destination labels are missing from King County Metro routes. There was a typo in the data from KCM that caused the problem, but I'm rerunning the data and should have it up in a few hours.

2) Until the MyBus system is updated, real-time data isn't available for all routes yet. Looks like it's been updated.

3) Real-time data doesn't yet appear to be available for the Rapid Ride A Line to developers yet. Will keep you posted when it becomes available.

Pierce Transit

1) It appears that Pierce Transit's updated schedule data actually goes live on Sunday morning instead of Saturday morning, so there's currently nothing showing up for Pierce Transit routes. Hoping to fix that soon.


Scott said...

I think Pierce Transit doesn't do their service changes until Sunday anyway. The book says "October 3".

windcaller said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I really love this service, and I appreciate the time you spend on it. I would hope that Metro in the future would see to it that the database is ready on time, after all, it is their system and I am sure their out dated bus locater phone system uses the same data. It is not like they do this every ten years. Metro does this twice a year and by now you might think they would have a how to sheet published on the subject.

Michael Hoffman said...

Any chance you'll ever be able to get the real-time data directly from KCM?

Cookie Guru said...

@windcaller Metro uses the same data (in a slightly different format) to power their own Trip Planner. Budget cuts and staff shortages mean the data is not ready as soon as it could be, but any time before the shake starts is good. They released today's data on Thursday afternoon.

@Michael Hoffman Yes, once Metro finishes their on board systems/radio system project. It is scheduled to be complete in about 18 months. The projects will bring, among other things, on board automated passenger stop announcements, GPS tracking, and radio system enhancements. Once the project nears completion Metro will start developing an API of sorts for the vehicle tracking. Until then, coaches receiving the GPS upgrade will be patched into the old tracking system.

Brian Ferris said...

Ditto everything @cookieguru said.

nlemesurier said...

I know this service change didn't affect CT (theirs is Feb), but there's no CT data showing any longer. See