Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OneBusAway for Windows Phone 7

With the U.S. launch of Windows Phone 7, we are proud to announce a native OneBusAway client for new WP7 users.

wp7English320x50green.pngThough I say "we", I really can't take much credit at all. Instead, I want to recognize a number of developers who have been hacking away on the client for the past few months to get it ready for the Windows Phone 7 launch. OneBusAway wouldn't happen without the help and support of developers like this, and I appreciate all their efforts.

The app is open-source, so check out the project page if you'd like to help make the app even better. And just a reminder that all the OneBusAway data that powers apps like this is available for developers to use to create new an interesting apps. Check out the API for more details.


Spencer said...

I think there is too little contrast between the time until next arrival, and the background. It looks difficult to read.

Eli said...

Spencer: Are you looking at it on an actually Win 7 phone, or on a computer screen simulation? Contrast looks great on my phone.

Only disappointment I have in the app is that it doesn't tell you how many minutes late the buses are running -- I know I found that useful on the iPhone app to get a sense of how bad traffic is from certain areas.