Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Issues with OneBusAway iPhone App 1.1.3 Update

A number of users have been reporting issues with the most recent 1.1.3 update to the OneBusAway iPhone app. Specifically, the app has been crashing on startup for some users, which is obviously not a good thing!

I didn't immediately pull the 1.1.3 update from the app store, because I could tell from my server logs that the number of users who had successfully upgraded far outnumbered the users who had reported problems. That said, I apologize it's taken me this long to figure out what's going on with the crash. The issue turned out to be with a 3rd party user-feedback widget from IdeaScale that we include in app, which caused problems on the upgrade for anyone who had used the widget in the past.

For those of you affected by the crash I can offer a couple of solutions:

1) Uninstall and reinstall the app. This will fix the crash immediately, but at the cost of losing your bookmarks and other app settings.

2) Wait for the next update from app store. I'm doing what I can to get the app through the review process as quickly as possible, but this could still take up to a week. UPDATE: The updated app is now in the app store! (Version = 1.1.4)

3) If you have a ton of bookmarks that you don't want to lose with #1 and you can't wait for #2, you can send me your device id at contact@onebusaway.org and I can send you an ad-hoc build of the app today. I've only got so many ad-hoc slots left, so I can't promise I can fit everyone using this method.

Again, my apologies for any trouble this update is causing users.

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