Monday, March 21, 2011

King County Metro Spring Break Schedule Errors

Due to errors in the schedule data published by King County Metro, we are currently showing a number of trips in OneBusAway that should actually be canceled for UW spring break. Keep an eye out for this if you are making trips around campus this week. More details here:

King County Metro currently does not publish accurate holiday scheduling data in their feeds, which affects service like OneBusAway, Google, and Bing Maps. If accurate schedules are important to you, let King County Metro know:

PS - "Who would be on campus during spring break anyway?" you might ask. Answer: hard working grad students like me ; )


Cookie Guru said...

Or you use the UW as a transportation hub, such as getting from Wedgwood to Lynnwood.

seattlejoe7 said...

UW students and faculty are not the only ones to use U-District routes! I'm not the only one who uses a U-Dist route as a connector for my trip from Kirkland to downtown Seattle. And, as a non-student, I'm not always aware of the school holidays.

Thanks very much for the "heads up" and for the suggestion to email Metro. Done!!!

Awesome app! Thanks much!!!

David said...

I sent a Tweet to @kcmetrobus which said:

@kcmetrobus You guys really do a shit job communicating schedule changed from UW spring break to your riders.

to which they replied:

@_dss The no-UW service is in big yellow boxes on each route's schedule page, plus TripPlanner won't give you any canceled trips.

and to which I replied back:

@kcmetrobus Regular riders don't reference route schedules or trip planners. We get up and expect our normal bus to be there reliably.

They just don't get it.

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