Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help us evaluate StopInfo!

Some of you may recall our announcement of StopInfo a few months ago. In summary, StopInfo is a service linked with OneBusAway for the Puget Sound region that provides detailed information about bus stops. The starting information about bus stops comes from King County Metro's database, but the system is able to provide even more information than Metro offers by drawing from information contributed by transit riders such as yourselves, who often visit these stops as you go about your daily commutes. Although this information is helpful for anyone searching for a bus stop, the system is especially designed to give people who are blind or low vision landmark information about bus stops to hopefully make them easier to find.

screenshot of stopinfo information page for stevens way and benton ln
StopInfo's information page for the bus stop on Stevens Way & Benton Ln.

Currently, StopInfo is only integrated into the iOS version of OneBusAway, but we are hoping to be able to improve the system and expand to other platforms as well as other regions in the near future. To do so, we could really use your help. Have you contributed to StopInfo by verifying or adding information? What are your thoughts? What would make you more likely to contribute more or to contribute at all?

We've developed a very quick survey to collect your thoughts about contributing to StopInfo. The survey will only take a couple minutes of your time, and your responses will be used to help us evaluate and improve the system in order to make sure information is kept accurate and up to date. All responses will be kept confidential and your identity anonymous, unless you choose to share it. Of course, feel free to also add comments on this post if you have more feedback on the system in general. We really appreciate any feedback you are willing to give us.

Please click here to take the survey. You do not need to have contributed in order to take the survey.

Thank you, and happy traveling!

The StopInfo team at the University of Washington


Joseph Singer said...

It would help if the OneBusAway app worked reliably. As it is the search function is totally hosed. Any address you put in the search comes up with "ho routes found." The only way you can find anything is by scrolling the map. Since taking over the implementation of OneBusAway from Brian Ferris OneBusAway has been hosed in many areas. Do not attempt to use OBA with the SMS interface if you have more than one location. It will give you a choice but if you choose that choice it will come up empty. And I was blessed that even though I live in Seattle the only results I get for duplicates is not even a choice. It automatically gives me Tacoma stop information with no way to change it. Whoever is in charge of the OBA does not have a clue and in many cases have broken the system.

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